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Chega junto família que essa idéia é de mil. Pra geral que curte esporte radical, esse projeto está um prato cheio pois tem o propósito de ser uma plataforma para compartilhar ‘spots’ ao redor do mundo de acordo com cada modalidade praticada. E o melhor é que quem alimenta o conteúdo são vocês, isso mesmo, cada usuário do aplicativo poderá acrescentar os spots na plataforma e assim sendo compartilhada com todos os usuários.

urspots logoJá pensou que massa a idéia de chegar em outra cidade ou outros país e já saber alguns picos pra dar o rolê….isso está a um passo de acontecer. Está rolando um crowdfunding para que esse projeto possa ser concluído e caso tenha interesse em contribuir, segue o link para a realização.

CAMPANHA: www.kisskissbankbank.com/fr/projects/urspots-your-spot-sharing-platform

Crowdfunding 15000 euros – UrSpots

The 12th of may 2017, UrSpots launched its crowdfunding on KissKissBankBanks! The extreme sports community is raising, and these kinds of sports are always facing one main challenge: To find a spot… But we propose a solution !

Here is the link to participate ! https://www.kisskissbankbank.com/urspots-your-spot-sharing-platform

In 2011, a similar project met a huge success, in less than a year they were covering over 50 different sports and gathered around 10 000 of users. However, after facing conflicts inside their team, the website and the app got shut down. Now, we are a group of 3 students passionate about extreme sports to take the project back from the grave. We will begin by focusing on 10 sports divided into different categories: Surf, Snowboard, Ski, Skateboard, Freeboard, Longboard, Scooter, Roller, BMX, and Mountain Bike.

The idea is to create 2 interactive maps. The first one will be a “spot map”, where users will be able to post their spots for a group of friends (with a code system) or to share it publicly. In the second case, the UrSpots Team will be in charge to check if the spot does not present any risk by being shared online.

Then, the second map will be a “riders map” where users will put their location and their contact. The idea is to help people to contact local riders and to organize a ride or to discover new spots with locals.

The biggest part of the fund is going for the website development. Indeed, 10 000 are needed to make a nice website for our future users. We have a deal with a team of developer from France, and they are currently working hard to make the website available to anyone by next summer.

Then, we estimate our marketing expenses to be at 5 000. Indeed, we want UrSpots to become the first platform of “spot sharing” and to be the most useful social networks between riders! This is why we are going to communicate a lot and develop our marketing internationally.

We have the support of several known riders such as Seb Jam (freeboard and snowboard) and the pro rider Pierre Linckenheld for freeboard. We are expecting many people all around the world to use our website in their daily ride! We also got a strong support from the past community that wants us to be back and from some investors that are already interested in our project.
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