SuperSnake: Full Video | Mountain Dew

Skateboarding + snowboarding in a SuperSnake couse down the hill at Sierra at Tahoe – THAT’S PRETTY GNARLY, THOU.

@micky_papa / @scottylago

Dessa vez a Mountain Dew inovou, e inovar traz evolução, nesse projeto de mesclar o snowboard com o skateboard em uma só pista no estilo snake run, e ao mesmo tempo. Algo nunca feito antes, que você pode conferir o vídeo completo aqui no nosso site.

SuperSnake, presented by Mountain Dew® and designed and built by Snow Park Technologies (SPT) and CA RampWorks, is the ultimate hybrid dream course that brings snowboarding and skateboarding together in a way that has never been done before. Professional Mountain Dew skateboarder Sean Malto and pro snowboarder and DEW rider Danny Davis ride together for the first time with other notable action sports athletes including professional snowboarders Jeremy Jones and Scotty Lago, and Mountain Dew skate athletes Trevor Colden, Chris Colbourn, Jordan Maxham, Nick Tucker and Micky Papa, in an epically culminated action sports montage.