Promo Video – Keep #BMFing

Chega mais que tem vídeo PROMO na área. A idéia básica desse vídeo é retratar o significado do verbo, expressão: #BMFing.

Apresentando os camaradas:
Rafael Bemiefi, Thiago Lessa, Daniel Pádua, Pepe Laporte, Rafael Mourão, Marcos Diniz, Bruno Mendes, Fabrice Klaus, ERROR, Mike Sears.

Satisfação camaradas, Shred Hard and Always Ride Safe.

Another PROMO video about the definition of the verb #BMFing.

We are different. We are a community.
We share a point of view and a commitment to the one thing that make us who we are — freestyle riding. We don’t need a gold medal, overprice product, or a season pass to have fun. We ride with our friends in backyards, in the streets, in the mountains, seas and wherever we can spread the shred. We make sacrifices to live this way because it feels like there is no other choice.

This life isn’t for everyone
When you are ready, we want you to join us.